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The coronavirus threat is to be taken seriously, but there is hope. This page links to some of the best info on what you can do to prevent and fight COVID-19.   Please share this with others to help save lives.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is educational and general in nature. This content is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis, counsel, or treatment by a qualified health professional. We are NOT responsible for any content on this webpage; it is the sole resposibility of the entities that have created it.

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Natural Remedies. Also applicable to the current Coronavirus. (Youtube playlist)

Fight Coronavirus series

Link to study mentioned in video.

Dr. Roger Seheult steps out of the ICU where he is treating COVID-19 patients to join this Q & A with Don Mackintosh, Dr. Neil Nedley and Dr. Nerida McKibben 

Link to Dr Seheult's MedCram website. The CIVID-19 videos can be accessed for free. This is more technical info, but also includes some videos on hydrotherapy, zinc, vitamin D, etc.

AWR/Your Best Pathway to Health Symposium.  Sunday, April 12.  "Novel Lessons Learned from the 1918 Flu, Could they Apply to the COVID-19 Pandemic?" Presenters include Dr Neil Nedly, Dr Roger Seheult, and Dr John Kelly. Link starts at 11:25, after introduction.